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of SMEs don’t think they are a target to cyber criminals


of SMEs were attacked in 2020 costing up to £210000


of SMEs that suffered a GDPR data breach lost clients

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Since we engaged with Naq to help manage all of our cyber security and GDPR needs, they have been nothing short of brilliant; the peace of mind I now have lets me rest easy at night.

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Making your business legally compliant through automated policy creation, training and security

GDPR Compliance

With every Naq subscription, you will receive all the completed legal documentation and policies you need to be compliant with the UK and EU GDPR.

Empower your team

The most important way to protect your business and stay compliant with the law is through knowledge. Our training and awareness content empowers your team to protect your business, customers and partners.

Defend against hackers

Based on the threats faced by your business, Naq will provide you with clear instructions on how to defend your company against hackers and criminals.

Support when you need it the most

Incidents can always occur. Naq will be there for you to resolve incidents as quickly and painlessly as possible, and ensure that you comply with the law.

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The cost of cyber security breaches on small businesses

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Cyber Essentials and getting your business certified

Cyber Essentials and getting your business certified

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