Cyber Security Solution

Monitoring, Training, Documentation and Emergency Response to protect your small business.

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Your Problem

Nearly half of all cyber attacks are targeting small businesses like yours

You want to keep your small business safe and protected but actually doing so can be a big burden for small businesses. We understand that you need to focus on growing your business, not on protecting it and conforming to regulation like GDPR. That is why we started Naq: to give you an all-in-one solution to help defend your business.

Our Solution

The Naq solution is designed around four key areas of cyber security; each one critical in helping to protect your business.


Detecting and preventing vulnerabilities before they can be used against you

Defend against cyber attacks with security monitoring of your website and internal networks, monitoring of any data breaches from your organisation and scanning for your organisation's and executives' exposure on the open web.


Enabling your staff to protect themselves and your organisation

A complete set of online cyber focused training courses and simulated phishing campaigns for your workforce, management and technical teams enabling your team to protect themselves and your organisation.


Keeping you on top of legal and regulatory requirements

A constantly updating set of completed documents covering legal, technical and procedural requirements which will not only tell you what to do to protect your organisation but make you compliant to regulations such as GDPR.

Emergency Response

One-on-one support for when your organisation experiences a cyber attack

A 24x7x365 support service for when your organisation experiences a cyber attack or a data breach. We will be on hand to talk you through exactly the steps you need you take to quickly recover from the attack. We will also provide guidance on how to stop similar attacks in the future.

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