Why Naq

We started Naq for one simple reason: to help protect businesses from criminals without exploiting our customers.

Invest In Your Resilience

Our aim at Naq is to help people to protect their business and their livelihood. The Naq solution does not only provide the necessary tools to stay safe from attacks, or "be GDPR-compliant", but it empowers business-owners to take control over their information security.

We realised that business owners are expected to comply with more and more laws and regulations, even though their expertise may lie in a completely different area. Many cyber security vendors are selling their product based on a campaign of fear. Furthermore, a lot of these vendors oversell the "completeness" of their solution. We wanted to come up with an actual all-in-one solution, without requiring our customers to buy add-ons or seek solutions from other vendors to properly defend themselves. And so Naq was born.

Naq helps you to secure your data, your websites and products, and your livelihood not by simply giving you tools and letting you fend for yourself but working with you as a partner. This is our expertise and our passion: to work together with you to protect your business and enable you to focus on your area of expertise.

Why you should use Naq

There is no other vendor providing a comprehensive, all-in-one service focused on small businesses. We think this is wrong. Let us help protect your business and your livelihood.


The Naq solution includes everything you need to protect your business. This doesn't just include technology, but the ability for your team to protect themselves and your business as well as the guidance and documentation on how to build a business resilient to attack.

Easy to purchase

You will receive solutions that would cost at least €40 000 per year for a small organisation, along with countless hours spent on negotiating and managing contracts, dealing with sales reps and implementing each individual system.


Naq is run by proven cyber security and cyber policy experts with a track record of delivering high quality solutions to high profile public and private sector organisations. We are honest with our product and its limitations. Our only aim is protecting your business in the best way possible.

Secure and private

The security and privacy of your data is of critical importance to us. All of your data is hosted in secure data centres physically inside the European Union and we try our best to only use products and services from European providers.