A complete set of online cyber focused training courses and simulated phishing campaigns for your workforce, management and technical teams enabling your team to protect themselves and your organisation.

Your Problem

The single biggest reason organisations or individuals suffer a cyber attack is through lack of knowledge about how cyber attacks take place and how people can protect themselves. This is why a robust training plan, including regular phishing tests, is critical. Without proper training of your team, it is impossible to stop attackers successfully exploiting your organisation.

Our Training Solution

Our training solution has been designed to address the most important aspects of cyber security in an approachable and time efficent way. We will not give you team information they do not need.

Full set of courses

The Naq courses cover all of the important topics your team needs to understand in order to protect themselves.

Email attack tests

Schedule regular phishing (malicious emails) tests to monitor how your organisation would cope with a targeted malicious email campaign.

Tailored to different teams

The courses are designed to address the needs of the various functions in your organisation: your general workforce, IT teams and management teams.

Hosted online

All courses are available online and can be accessed by your team at their convenience on any device.

How it works

We will create an account in our training system for each member of your team. Each team member will receive instructions on how to access the courses. We will run regular phishing (email attack) tests against your organisation. We ask that only one individual in the organisation is made aware of these attacks to ensure their effectiveness. Details of the phishing attacks will be given in your monthly report.