A 24x7x365 support service for when your organisation experiences a cyber attack or a data breach. We will be on hand to talk you through exactly the steps you need you take to quickly recover from the attack. We will also provide guidance on how to stop similar attacks in the future.

Your Problem

No matter how hard we work to prevent successful cyber attacks, it is highly likely that your organisation will suffer a successful attack at some point. Whilst the Naq courses, guides and policies will help you stop the attack and recover as quickly as possible, we understand having an expert on hand 24x7 gives you much greater peace of mind.

Our Response Solution

Our qualified cyber security experts are on-call around the clock to work with your one-on-one to help minimise the damage to your business.


As a Naq customer, you will be provided contact details for a Naq expert who will call you within four hours. The Naq expert will guide you through how to respond to a cyber attack against your organisation.

Preventing further breaches

The Naq expert will give immediate steps on the call on how to prevent further attacks, but the they will then also provide you with bespoke follow up information on how to stop attacks of the same nature happening again.

Naq Expert

Any Naq expert who will guide you through the response will have high-level industry certifications and proven experience in handling cyber incidents.

Mapping to other Naq services

All guidance provided will be backed up by the other components of the Naq service, allowing you to fully understand how you can prevent attacks in the future.

How it works

At the beginning of the service, we will provide you details which can be used to contact Naq when an emergency takes place. We will provide guidance on what constitutes an emergency as well as key information you should have when contacting us in an emergency.