Defend against cyber attacks with security monitoring of your website and networks, monitoring of any data breaches from your organisation and scanning for your organisation's and executives' digital footprint on the open web.

Your Problem

The implementation of sufficient security technologies can be a massive burden both financially and in terms of effort by sitting through hours of sales calls, training sessions and upkeep of each tool. Despite what cyber technology vendors tell you, no one tool can protect you against cyber attacks: only a broad set of tools, combined with training and documentation, can help prevent attacks as well as ensure you stay on top of regulation.

Our Monitoring Solution

The Naq founders have been working to protect the systems some of the world's largest private sector and government organisations. They will use this knowledge and experience to protect your company as well as guide you on how to build secure systems.

Website Protection

Real-time monitoring of your publicly accessible website for any vulnerabilities which could be exploited by hackers as well as up-time monitoring so you are aware as-soon-as-possible in case your website goes down

Network Scanning

Regular scanning of your network to discover any vulnerabilities which could be exploited by hackers

Breach Alerts

Continous monitoring to check if any company accounts have been compromised

Digital Footprint Scanning

Scanning of the open web (social media etc.) for information which could be used to help an attacker target your team or your organisation

How it works

We will monitor your organisation from our facilities in The Netherlands. No data will be processed or stored from outside of the European Union. You will receive a monthly report detailing all discoveries made as part of the monitoring of your organisation. This report will be shared with you on our secure portal.