A constantly updating set of completed policy documents covering legal, technical and procedural requirements which will not only tell you what to do to protect your organisation but make you compliant to regulations such as GDPR.

Your Problem

Understanding exactly which laws and regulations small businesses need to follow can be very confusing and therefore time-consuming. This situation is only made worse by choosing and working with lawyers and consultants to produce the necessary documentation you require to ensure you remain compliant.

Our Documentation Solution

Our qualified legal and technical experts at Naq have produced a full set of legally compliant documentation and guides to ensure you stay on-top of all legal requirements allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Bespoke and complete

All documentation produced is bespoke to your organisation and complete. By answering our in-depth questionnaire, all documents will be accurate for your organisation and will not require you to modify them in anyway.

Adherance with GDPR

The documentation set includes all required documents for GDPR ensuring you satisfy the requirements for this important regulation. Furthermore, exactly how the rest of the Naq solution (monitoring, training and response) helps make your organisation adherent to GDPR will be described in detail.

Playbooks and guides

Step-by-step instructions are provided for key topics such as cyber attack response and dismissal of employees. On top of this, detailed but easy to understand guides, on topics such as 'building secure IT environements' are be provided.

Training posters

An infographic poster, one per training course, is provided which can be used to print off to ensure your team are reminded of key cyber messages.

How it works

At the beginning of the service, we will send you a detailed questionaire on our secure portal. Using these responses, we will compile all documents and guides for your meaning that you do not have to do any modification of the documents yourself. We will provide you a link to these documents on our secure portal. These documents will be updated regularly and you will be notified when there are new documents for you to review.