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The one stop platform for all the cyber security and GDPR compliance you need in one monthly subscription.

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Your Virtual Security Team


GDPR compliance made easy though a completed set of compliance and security policies

Cyber Security

Website scanning, dark web monitoring and guidance to protect you from hackers and human mistakes


Empower your team through bitesize and informative training courses and phishing tests

Incident Reponse

There to help you recover from an incident or data breach and prevent them in the future

Improving your security

How it works

Nobody particularly enjoys going to the doctor. But we all know that sometimes we have to undergo a checkup, just to prevent something worse from happening. The Naq health check is designed to understand your security posture and give you your individual security health score. We will then work with you to improve and maintain your health score over time, so you know you’re taken care of.


Security Health Check

Our simple Security Health Check captures all the necessary information about your business, allowing us to calculate your Security Health Score.


Naq expert review

One of the Naq security and privacy experts will review your Health Check and will be in touch if there are any issues or if further clarification is required.


The magic happens

The Naq platform will generate your legal documents, scan your website for issues and the dark web and get your team set up so they can start using the platform


Time to level up your security

You and your team will get access to the Naq platform where you can view your Health Score and access all of the features so you can improve and maintain your Security Score.

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What’s your cyber security health score?

All offered through the Naq platform

Naq is centered around your company’s cyber security score. This score is calculated on the basis of your risk, your level of policy implementation and training completion. You are able to instantly understand what needs to be done in order to improve and maintain your health score.

You are able to track your team’s progress, read and sign all legal documentation and access our training content. Naq will be there for you every step of the way.

Protecting businesses like yours

Our reviews

Since we engaged with Naq to help manage all of our cyber security and GDPR needs, they have been nothing short of brilliant; the peace of mind I now have lets me rest easy at night.

Incredibly quick and reliable when we’ve really needed it and always available to help!

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Naq partners with IPSE

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