The Naq Platform

The Naq platform calculates your security score and gives you all the tools you need to improve your security posture and compliance level, all from one place.

Company View

Security Score

Instantly understand your security and compliance posture through our real-time security health score. This score is calculated on the basis of the number and severity of open security actions, your level of policy implementation and training completion

Security Actions

A concise list of actions, accompanied by clear guidance, that need to be carried out to improve your security and compliance. The actions range from digital security actions, such as downloading anti-virus, to implementing GDPR measures, such as setting up a cookie-banner on your website

Course status monitoring

Instantly see the total completion rate of all training courses on a per course and per user level.

Policy status monitoring

Track which policies have been signed on a per policy and per user basis.

Ready to improve your security health?

Team Member View

Security Score

Every member of your team has their individual security score, based on their level of training completion and signed policies

Training access

Every member of your team can see which courses they still have to complete, along with their current progress. All training content can be accessed through the Naq platform

Policy signing and status

Every member of your team can instantly see which legal documents they still have to read and sign, which can be done from within the Naq platform

Incident logging

Each team member can log security incidents which raises an alert to the company admin and the Naq security experts.