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30 Mar 2021

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and Self-Employed is the newest member of the Naq partner network. Together, we are empowering this critical sector of the UK economy to ensure livelihoods are protected.

We are excited to announce that Naq is now a marketplace partner of IPSE where members can purchase the full Naq solution, including automated UK GDPR compliance and cyber security, for a 50% discount. 

PSE, through its 65 000 strong membership, represents the critical self-employed and freelance sector. There are 4.4 million solo self-employed people across the UK and they are all increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. In 2020 61% of SMEs, including the self-employed, experienced a cyber attack costing on average £10 000 but up to £100 000 for the bigger SMEs. This sort of sum could be business ending for a lot of self-employed people. This of course is exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. 

“We are incredibly excited about working with IPSE. Whilst we read every day about cyber attacks against governments and large companies, we must remember that the self-employed form a large part of the UK economy. Unfortunately cyber criminals also know this”

Nadia Kadhim, CEO, Naq Cyber

Nadia continued: “Self-employed professionals and freelancers are experts in their own field. They are using this expertise to do great work for their customers. They do not have the time, or resources, to spend over a hundred hours searching for and spending over £18 000 on cyber security products, services, consultants and lawyers.” 

“IPSE, through its tireless campaigning representing independent professionals and the self-employed, has recognised the importance of cyber security for their members and we are excited about working with IPSE to ensure the continued success and prosperities of its member base”. 

Check out Naq’s page on the IPSE marketplace here.

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