Naq Cyber partners with Usercentrics

24 Feb 2021

Empowering businesses to ensure their websites are compliant with GDPR.

We are so excited to announce that Usercentrics GmbH is the newest addition to Naq Cyber’s awesome partner network! Together we will help small businesses with their website consent management.

Usercentrics is a leading consent management platform designed to enable businesses to balance their marketing and data strategy with legal compliance. That’s definitely something we can get behind!

Consent management platforms help businesses to make their website GDPR compliant by obtaining and managing cookie consent.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Usercentrics. Their innovative and simple to implement tool to manage website consent is perfectly aligned with Naq’s product mission to empower small businesses to be secure and compliant with GDPR. ” 

Nadia Kadhim, CEO, Naq Cyber

Nadia commented: “Usercentrics have already shown to be the perfect partner in the first few weeks of collaboration. We are very excited for our collaborative “Transformer Series” which is launching in March, which is designed to enable small business owners to become their very own cyber security and GDPR compliance transformer.

“From articles to workshops and everything in between, this series be the ultimate guide for small businesses on cyber security, GDPR compliance, consent management and more. Each individual element must eventually be put together for businesses to truly become cyber secure and GDPR compliant. This is not unlike a Transformer, existing only when all elements are put together, in the right order.”

You can find Usercentrics on their website: If you need help with your website consent management, contact us at Naq Cyber to give you a special partner discount.