GDPR & Security Policies

The Naq platform will generate all your necessary GDPR and security documentation through our verified legal policy creator. No templates, but ready-to-go legal documents bespoke to your business


GDPR & DPA Compliance

Your subscription includes all documents you need to become compliant with the EU GDPR, UK GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act.

Completed and bespoke to your organisation

We don’t believe in providing templates for you to fill out. All documentation will be fully completed. All you need to do is review them and sign them in the Naq Platform.

Track implementation

Through the Naq Platform, you can easily sign all documents as well as send documents to your team, and then track that they have read them, to ensure they are fully aware of their legal and security obligations.

Lawyer verified

Our policy generator has been designed by our in-house GDPR lawyers and certified cyber security experts giving you the confidence that all policies are adherent to the law and best practice.

Regular updates

Legal compliance is not a one off activity. We will regularly update all documents according to changes in the law as well as changes to your organisation.