Elliott Atkins joins Naq Cyber as Non-Executive Director

26 Jan 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Elliott Atkins has taken up the position of Non-Executive Director for Naq Cyber – what a fantastic way to kick off the year!

Elliott brings an incredibly broad set of experience and knowledge having spent nearly 25 years in cyber security, that will be invaluable to Naq as we progress with our commercial and development roadmap. During this time he’s worked with Governments, large multinational companies, dotcom startups and not-for-profit organisations, yet, like many cyber security professionals, claims he ended up in the industry completely by accident. 

The role of Non-Exec Director is a new addition to Elliott’s extensive list of accomplishments and accolades, and he’s keen to maintain a hands-on approach and open dialogue with the business. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be in a position to benefit from the mentorship Elliott will provide in both a technical and leadership capacity for co-founders Nadia Kadhim and Chris Clinton.  

Past ventures and identifying potential

Reflecting on his past ventures, and the current state of play for small and micro-sized businesses with a responsibility for cyber risk and resilience, Elliott fully understands the challenges Naq has chosen to embrace when it comes to engaging with a large market whose priority list hasn’t traditionally included security and data protection compliance. 

Furthermore, Elliott recognises the huge potential for an accessible solution like Naq to solve the problems that small business owners have perhaps not yet encountered. 

“Malware doesn’t discriminate between large and small businesses – this audience needs support whether they’ve realised it or not.” 

Elliott Atkins, Non-Exec Director, Naq Cyber

Elliott commented: “I’m excited to work with a brand that represents a breath of fresh air for both the cyber security vendor market and the rapidly growing community of small business owners, who are wrestling with anxiety over increasing pressure to take steps to protect the information they handle and have access to every day, combined with the daunting perception of cyber security as some unrelatable, technically complex puzzle. 

“Co-founders Nadia and Chris combine their expertise to bring a unique attitude to supporting small businesses in plain language that doesn’t alienate. And just look at how far they’ve come, in a year like no other. I believe a bright future lies ahead!”

You can find Elliott Atkins on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliottatkins/

The former Head of GovCertUK (the UK Government’s 24×7 computer emergency response team), he now acts as an independent trusted advisor to boards and organisations, as well as speaking and writing about cyber security. He is Managing Director of Exercise3, a specialist consultancy which uses realistic scenarios to train organisations how to react and respond in times of crisis.

Elliott is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS).