Cyber Security

Based on the threats faced by your business, Naq will provide you with a clear security to-do list, giving you clear and concise guidance on how to protect your business as quickly and easily as possible



Clear Guidance

Based on the threats to your company, we will provide you with a clear list of actions, with easy to follow guides, you or your partners need to perform to improve the security in your company. You can easily assign these actions to the right person within the platform.

Website scanning

We will regularly scan your customer facing websites for vulnerabilities so we can fix them before hackers can exploit them.

Dark web email monitoring

We will constantly monitor the internet and the dark web for any mention of email addresses from your company domain, which have been part of a data breach.

Exclusive Naq marketplace

Based on the risks your company is exposed to, we will give you recommended products and services from our trusted partners at very special rates.